Why CUC-Ulster?

1. Obtain a UK degree right here in Qatar

Students can avoid the inconvenience of travelling over 3,500 miles to the UK, taking up additional costs such as travel, accommodation, visas and get their degree right here in Qatar! CUC Ulster offers students a full-time UK bachelor degree from Ulster University here in Qatar.

2. Students have two pathways to their Bachelor's degree

CUC offers students two ways to obtain their Ulster University Bachelor’s degree. They have an option to enrol on an internationally recognised BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) qualification, which is a vocational qualification equivalent to the first two years of a Bachelor’s degree, or take the more traditional academic route towards the Ulster University BSc (Hons) Degree.


BTEC HNDs are more practical than Bachelor degrees as there are no formal exams involved.


Instead, students get to apply their theoretical learning to real-life business situations. CUC offers BTEC HNDs in Business and Computing, with specific pathways in year two such as Application Development and Entrepreneurship. After achieving their BTEC HND, students have the option to either leave with a diploma or pursue a Bachelor’s degree awarded by Ulster University without further bridging units. Did you know, CUC is the only university in Qatar that provides this seamless integration between a BTEC HND and a Bachelor’s degree? To learn more, contact our admissions team at:


3. Students can progress straight to a Master’s programme at a special rate

Students can further their studies and take their career to new heights with a Master’s qualification awarded by Ulster University. Students who wish to take up a Master’s degree will automatically be entitled to a CUC scholarship progression award. This can help make a significant saving on the cost of tuition fees. There is a bonus too – the student’s immediate family can also benefit from special rates and incentives, should they enrol for a course at CUC Ulster.

4. Personalised experience with an assigned Learning Advisor

Every student at CUC Ulster is assigned a Personal Learning Advisor to support and guide them throughout their studies. Learning Advisors meet with the students regularly to make sure they remain on track and achieve their learning goals. As a CUC student, you can be assured that you will never walk alone!

5. A University with proven academic success and well-qualified lecturers

CUC has a track record of helping students exceed their potential, through their well-qualified team of academic staff who possess years of academic and professional experience. All lecturers at CUC are approved by Ulster University UK and their teaching and learning strategies aim to promote critical and reflective thinking, research and evaluation skills that will help students achieve a high level of excellence in the workforce.

6. Offering great value degrees in Qatar

With competitive tuition fees, CUC does not compromise on quality. Students will always be provided with the best opportunity to achieve the highest grades possible. CUC is so confident in its methods that it invites prospective students to visit and sample a lesson before they decide to apply or enrol!

7. Flexible study options to suit every student’s needs

Since some of the students enrolled are already in employment, CUC offers flexible study options. They have designed some elements of their programmes to be delivered online thereby helping students to catch up on the lessons at any time.

8. Students can choose to study part of their degree in the UK

Through their partnership with Ulster University, CUC provides students with an opportunity to study part of their degree in the UK at one of Ulster University’s campuses in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has the lowest cost of student living in the UK (Which? University, 2018). Students have the option to study for a semester, or year abroad, and CUC will assist to make all the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements.

9. Flexible payment options, to suit student’s needs

CUC Ulster understands that not everyone can afford to pay the full tuition fees upfront. As such, the University provides a range of flexible payment options that can be spread throughout the academic year. In addition, the University offers partial scholarships to students meeting their criteria for the award.

10. A brand new campus in Lusail awaits students

Students will have an opportunity to study at the new university campus which is due to be completed by 2023. The building will be located in Lusail and is set to become a hub of outstanding technical and creative innovation and research, equipped with the latest learning technology and resources. Be part of the journey enrol with CUC today!