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Gain the skills to design and develop the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (Al) systems and services.


Increased use of Artificial Intelligence (Al) can bring major social and economic benefits by automating tasks currently done by humans. AI computers can analyse and learn from information at higher accuracy and speed than humans can. It offers massive gains in efficiency and performance to most or all industry sectors, for example in Health, Financial Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and Social Media. Al is software that can be integrated into existing processes, improving them, scaling them, and reducing their costs, by making or suggesting more accurate decisions through better use of information.


Developing The Business People of The Future.


This degree prepares you for a career in business management in industry, commerce or the public sector. It focuses on the acquisition and application of knowledge relevant to the role of the manager in the rapidly changing environment which is the modern business world. The course also provides you with opportunities to develop and enhance your range of personal and interpersonal transferable skills which are vital to successful performance in the workplace.

The programme is recognised by a number of professional bodies related to accountancy, marketing and human resources. On successful completion of the programme.

Future proof your career in the dynamic world of global business.


BSc (Hons) Business Analytics offers you a strong foundation in business and technology modules. You will develop skills in analytics, software development and utilisation, data management, internet technologies, digital marketing, financial analytics, and project management. If you are interested in seeking knowledge on how data and information are analysed using software technology to improve business activities, then BSc (Hons) Business Analytics is particularly suited to you. The course will equip you with the analytical, technology and leadership skills that will future proof your career in the dynamic world of global business. You will gain experience of software tools such as Excel, SAGE, Power BI and Tableau.

An interdisciplinary degree designed to equip you with business and technical skills required for a changing world.


BSc (Hons) Business Studies with Computing offers you the opportunity to take Business as a major subject with Computing as a minor subject. By studying Business as a major you will develop skills in business and management functions, for example finance, marketing, supply chain management, leadership and organisational behaviour. By studying Computing as a minor, you will develop skills on managing a business’s computer hardware, network operations and cyber security.

According to the World Economic Forum Report ‘Future of Jobs’ (2020), jobs within the computing and information technology sectors are becoming the most in demand for businesses.


This Computer Science course covers all the necessary skills you will need to be a computing professional, from idea generation to system implementation. It provides a broad education in computer science with a particular focus on software systems development.

If you are interested in computer software design, how computers communicate and how they actually perform their tasks, then this course is for you. This course will equip you with a varied computer science education based upon the development and improvement of your programming skills throughout.

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