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Student Life

CUC in partnership with Ulster University provides students with a unique, diversified environment both academically and socially.
Academic Support
Intership & Work Placement
Student Portals
We offer a range of specialist support services to help you receive the right support at the right time. You will receive a comprehensive orientation to your programme and access a range of services including study support. If you have a disability, we will assess your needs and put in place appropriate adjustments for your studies. This can include additional time to complete exams or coursework.

When you join us, you will be allocated a dedicated Academic Advisor who will guide and support you through every aspect of your studies. They will be your point of contact on academic and pastoral support matters.

We publish an annual student development plan so you can see what support you can expect to receive. This includes personal development and enrichment to ensure that your time at CUC-Ulster is enjoyable.
Personal Development

We place great importance on your personal wellbeing and welfare and provide additional support in the form of workshops, presentations and seminars. During your studies, you will be offered the opportunity to improve your communications skills, expand your emotional intelligence, develop your leadership skills and become more critically aware of key global issues and topics.

Career Guidance

Gaining a higher education qualification can open doors to a successful job or career. However, it is important that our students are fully equipped to maximise their chances of getting a job or gaining promotion. We embed employability skills into each of our programmes and you will be able to attend
Career planning sessions
CV workshops
Mock interviews
Being a Student Ambassador

If you wish to get more involved in the running of the University, you can become one of our Student Ambassadors. Our ambassadors help with marketing and promotional work, assisting other students and representing the University at major events such as the Uni-Expo.


Studying hard for your qualification is only part of your CUC-Ulster experience. It is important that you enjoy your time here in Qatar. As part of our global community, we organise a range and varied range of activities including visits to museums and the National Library, volunteering and charity work, cultural workshops, trips and events throughout the year. This is a great opportunity to meet other students and learn more about Qatar.

Health and Wellbeing

Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. However, it is important to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing and as part of that we arrange opportunities to become active and engage in a varied range of games and sports. In addition to this, we can provide you with guidance and tips to eating healthily.

We also have a clinic in our campus in West Bay, where you can receive initial treatment in the unlikely event if you become ill or need medical support.
We provide opportunities to undertake internships at times during academic term breaks.CUC Ulster is part of a larger group organisation which means we can provide internships in a range of job areas and businesses. Please contact our Student Services Team
Short-term Work Placement
Completing a work placement while studying allows the student to discover what working in a particular role is like and gain the essential real life experience that is highly sought after by employers.
Doing a work placement will:
Provide an insight into the way organisations operate and the challenges they face
Gain learning opportunities for discipline knowledge and specific skills
Discover more about yourself and where your strengths lie
Support the review of evidence against key employability skills
Clarify your career goals and support students in career planning
Provide you with networking opportunities.
We publish internship and work experience opportunities
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