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Qatar International Women’s Day Colloquium (Event)

Conquering new heights of sporting glory!

Esteemed Guest Speakers Included Qatari Female Athlete, Director of UNESCO’s Doha Office, and Qatari Entrepreneur & Strategic Planning Expert

Colloquium was a Hybrid Event at W Doha where the delegates Gained Valuable Knowledge from International Female Perspectives

CUC Ulster University – Qatar held a Colloquium on March 8, 2022 for International Women’s Day, with the theme: “Women4Women: Amplifying the Voice of Women in Leadership.”

The University extended a call to all women to join the colloquium to reflect and utilize the IWD platform to reinforce the fact that everyone has a role to play in forging a more gender balanced world. This Colloquium was designed to celebrate the achievements of phenomenal women and for reinforcing a commitment to women’s equality and to mark a call for action. The Colloquium created an opportunity to listen to the voices challenging women to rise above discrimination, gender based systems and champion for collective change to empower the voices women not only in Qatar who are participating in the growth of the economy but calling upon women of the nation.

In-person Guest Speakers: Mariam Farid, Dr. Bothaina Al Ansari, and Dr. Anna Paolini

CUC Ulster had a hybrid speaker lineup of inspiring and powerful women that are excelling in their respective fields. The first guest speaker was Mariam Farid, Ambassador of the World Championship 2019 Bidding Team, Qatar National Team Athlete, and Head of Communication at Queen Hospital, who discussed the topic of “Women in Sports – Breaking Down the Stereotypes Imposed Upon Hijabi Women Athletes.”

The second in-person guest speaker guest speaker was Dr. Anna Paolini, the UNESCO Representative in the Arab States of the Gulf and Yemen and Director UNESCO Doha Office. Dr Paolini was represented by Farida Aboudan, the Programme Specialist for Education at UNESCO office for the Gulf States and Yemen. Farida presented a session with the topic “Women in UNESCO Sectors.”

The third in-person guest speaker was Dr. Bothaina Hasan Al Ansari, Strategic Planning and Human Development Advisor and Board Member & Executive Director, CSR Committee, Dar Al Sharq, who discussed the topic of “The Fourth Industrial Revolution-Future Jobs 2030.”

Online Panel Speakers from Ulster UK, South Africa, and New Zealand

The online panel speakers were: Professor Jackie McCoy, Associate Dean Global Engagement at Ulster University, who explored the topic of Emotional Intelligence from a female perspective, and who challenged the perceived wisdom that “Women are more emotionally intelligent than men” and explored gender differences in leadership style preferences. Portia Heynes, Director at Upliftment Inspired Consulting, South Africa, discussed the topic of “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Building Resilience in Pursuit of a Work Life Balance.” and Dr. Smita Singh, Senior Lecturer Int’l Business Strategy & Entrepreneurship at Auckland University of Technology NZ explored the topic of “Spaces of Academic Wellbeing through Critical Reflexive Practice.”

CUC Ulster University’s Successful Colloquium Highlights

The host of the colloquium was CUC Ulster University’s very own MBA (Women in Leadership) Course Director, Komal Beg. Her focus has been on women empowerment and this pursuit led her to research extensively on the subject. She believes that an extended study on women’s rights & law can lead to thoughtful inquiry that can facilitate a fraternity of inclusiveness, making sure that no group is marginalised, specifically women. Taking the lead in this colloquium and providing the platform to the amazing line-up of guest speakers allowed attendees and livestream audience to gain knowledge from different perspectives of phenomenal women on an international level.

There were Q&A sessions after the in-person and online presentations, which allowed attendees to have an open dialogue with the speakers and engage robustly with them. This was specifically appreciated by CUC Ulster’s female student body that have attended and had the opportunity to speak to the esteemed guests and learned so much from them. In addition, Muna Hersi from CUC Ulster University’s Women Student Body, presented a showcase of the student body’s volunteering agenda.

At this event, the Director of Education for ACES, Ms Lamese Abrahams highlighted 3 new programmes that will be launched at CUC ulster from September 2022. These were undergraduate qualifications in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and a Masters in Business Development and Innovation. Furthermore, an announcement was also made that CUC Ulster’s new campus will be opening for the September intake in West Bay, in the Excellence Tower (opposite the Gate mall). This new campus will provide a world-class, premium student experience. The application deadline for all programmes is June 15.

CUC Ulster University, a Proud Member of ACES

CUC Ulster University Qatar, is a member of Artan Consulting and Educational Services (ACES), a private Education group that owns, manages and operates educational institutions in Qatar with the objective of fostering academic innovation and excellence.

To watch the recording of the colloquium, visit: To learn more about the university, visit: and follow their social media: @CUCUlster

CUC Ulster University is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar to deliver a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as BTEC HND Diplomas.

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